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YoCO are delighted to have received £1k for the new YoCO Wantage Group, from the Oxfordshire County

YoCO Wantage Group, which is starting in September 2021, has received significant support from the OCC – Councillor Priority Fund, in the form of £1k.

Cllr Sally Povolotsky commented, 'I am delighted to be able to support YoCO with an allocation of £1000 from my Councillor Priority Fund from Oxfordshire County Council. Funding and Investing in Youth Services is vital in our county and our division to ensure young people have access to inspirational programmes and support. Rural communities and villages are often overlooked for any form of youth services and engagement, something we hope to change, meanwhile young people locally can join groups like YoCO to help overcome challenges and develop resilience and confidence to become a young person with a bright future. I can’t wait to join in and visit the group in the future!'

Please contact for any information about the YoCO Wantage Group starting September 15th 2021.

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