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Thank you Beard Construction

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We were thrilled to be invited to the annual Beard Communication Day, January 2020. Our Project Director Kat, and Trustee Christine gave a presentation to around 300 Beard employees as the company continue to support the work YoCO does. We spoke about our organisation, the programme and the young people we help in Oxfordshire and how Beard employees can support us. It was a massive success and we were grateful to sign up more Beard employees on the day, some of whom will volunteer with the groups themselves and other with offers of support for events and fundraising.

YoCO Berinsfield (2019) was joined in their 15-18 month journey by three Beard Employees, James, Lee and Kieran. They helped the group by attending sessions, offering moral support, helped the group at many fundraisers to help them raise their £800 targets and joined them on their volunteering trip to Kenya. They were an integral part of the Berinsfield group's journey and we can't thank them enough for all of their time, effort and support. They even completed a very wet and windy sponsored bike ride travelling to all the Beard offices in Guildford, Oxford, Swindon and Bristol to help the young people reach their target.

Our partnership with Beard Construction continues to grow and we are excited for what the future holds, we thank Mark Beard, James, Lee, Kieran and all at Beard Construction for the dedication and commitment to providing support for the vulnerable young people we work with.

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