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Camron is here to help in lockdown - YoCO Community Hero!

Camron Hignell, 21 tells us about what he has been up to during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Camron is a YoCO Berinsfield Alumni and has been through the YoCO programme in 2019.

In life we all make choices, some are good and some are bad right? But what if all of a sudden the world broke into a massive pandemic!

My name’s Camron Hignell I’m 21 and I’m helping my local community with deliveries by foot for the vulnerable. These tasks can be from Shopping to prescriptions.

I’ve always tried to be as helpful in my life and give 110% at everything I do, but throughout my life I’ve struggled with a lot of mental health problems which I still struggle with, but when I heard about this opportunity I jumped to help at any chance I could because this is the community I was raised on! This is my home, and at the same time it’s done my mental health the world of good knowing I’m helping those who really need help! It’s truly and honour not just for the role I’m taking part in, but

the feeling of trust with people I’ve never spoken to before!

Remember everyone, we all make choices, always try to reach for them good ones no matter what! Stay Safe.

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