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Is YoCO for someone I know? 

The young people we work with are often seeking more support, guidance and personal confidence in their lives, and join the programme having been referred to us.  Anyone can refer a young person to YoCO - it is often their teachers, their parents/carers, their friends and sometimes even themselves. 


If you know a young person who you think would benefit from the YoCO Programme, and is aged between 13 and 21, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Common reasons for joining YoCO:

  • to boost self-esteem

  • to improve self-knowledge

  • to increase self-confidence

  • to seek support to deal with anti-social behaviour and bullying

  • to be part of a group of other young people all working together to achieve their goals

  • to build confidence to make positive decisions and resist peer pressure

  • keen to volunteer in the local community and on a very special volunteering trip to Western Kenya with The Nasio Trust

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Our challenge at YoCO is to work together and embark on an important personal journey.


Next steps 

Call us on 01865 570 840
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