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YoCO is an Oxfordshire based charity supporting young people aged 13-21 to develop resilience and confidence by following an exciting 18 month programme.  Designed and delivered by experts, the programme helps young people to manage and overcome challenges such as mental health issues, pressures of social media, bullying and peer influence to take unnecessary risks.
The groups meet weekly and are run by youth group leaders in central venues throughout Oxfordshire, with a professional team in support. Many young people choose to stay with YoCO and join the Alumni Group after completing the programme.

About Us

July 2015 

Nancy Hunt from the Nasio Trust and Jane Cranston begin to discuss the idea of forming a separate charity to run UK youth groups who will volunteer in Kenya after 18 months.

March 2017

First group established in Berinsfield

2017 - 2021

Nine groups established and young people keen to continue with YoCO as Young Leaders. Young Leader Qualifications (equivalent to a GCSE) successfully completed by eight young people. 

Dec 2020

First Walk n Talk sessions for young people. Originally for those isolated and in need of support during lockdown.








Jan 2017

YoCO registered as a charity with a clear 18 month programme in place. 


In 2005 Nancy Hunt, the founder and CEO of The Nasio Trust, started a programme to support vulnerable young people in Oxfordshire.  This programme included fundraising towards a life-changing visit to the Nasio Trust in Western Kenya.  In 2017 this UK arm of Nasio's work with young people was taken on by YoCO, a newly formed charity, who have expanded and developed the Oxfordshire based programme. The trip to the Nasio Trust in Kenya remains a key part of the Programme and each young person fundraises for their volunteering trip to Nasio where they can help to build a house, offer jigger (an infestation of sand fleas in the feet) treatment to hundreds of young children and otherwise support Nasio’s work.  This builds an enduring and special relationship between the young in Oxfordshire and the young people they meet in Kenya. 

The Nasio Trust was founded in 2001 and supports over 400 orphans and vulnerable children. It works to empower communities in western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty through a holistic approach providing education, improving health, and developing commerce.  

Feb 2020

Groups from Abingdon and Blackbird Leys the last to travel to Kenya before COVID-19 lockdown

Feb 2021

Registered to deliver the D of E award to all young people in YoCO.

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