The Nasio Story

How it all began...
 YoCO and Exit7 have developed from the work of The Nasio Trust
In October 2000 in a small village in western Kenya, the late Irene Mudenyo found an abandoned baby in a sugarcane plantation on her farm. Irene’s attempts to find his parents or relatives proved futile, and despite being elderly and a grandmother herself, she decided to care for the child, naming him Moses after the biblical character. Like his namesake, this Moses desperately needed someone to watch over and nurture him. Just 3 years later the first Noah’s Ark Day Care Centre was set up in a road-side kiosk by Irene’s daughter Lorna, along with other family members providing one meal a day for 15 local children.
The Nasio Trust, named after Irene’s family now runs two purpose-built day care centres. Noah’s Ark was completed in 2005 and St Irene’s opened its doors just 4 years later. Both centres provide pre-school lessons, food, medical aid and support to children and young people and their guardians.
Both Irene and Lorna both sadly passed away, but Irene’s youngest daughter Nancy, who was living in the UK visiting her mother in 2000 couldn’t help but be touched by the plight of Moses and other children like him and decided to fundraise in the UK on her return. With her husband Jonathan, she founded the UK arm of the Nasio Trust and is now Director of the charity.

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